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Standing still

by Karen Tharp on 07/06/11

Brad and I both worked Cheyanne last night! She decided she doesn't want to stand for us to mount so this is what we did!  This is how it should be handled.

If you want your horse to stand still, and you keep picking up the reins to try and stop him, then the only thing that happens is that the horse gets aggravated.  There's no possible way to make your horse stand still if he does not want to stand still. What if you tie him up? Can he still move? Of course he can. How about if you put him in a two-horse trailer? Then there's no way the horse can move, right?  Wrong, guaranteed he can still move. What about cross-ties? Can he move around when he's cross-tied? Yes, he can. There is no way for you or I to physically to make this horse stand still.

Training is all about control. Learning how to get control or gain control of your horse. So, let's say I want the horse to stand still but he starts moving. I've lost control, haven't I?  How can I regain control if we know I can't make him stand still?  Answer: Ask him to do something, even if it's just change directions or even to speed up.

If the horse is going at two miles an hour and I speed him up to four, then the movement has suddenly become my idea, hasn't it? He wants to think about everything else, and the longer I let him think about other things, the more he's going to do just that. So what I'm going to do is work my horse. I'm going to practice changing directions or changing leg speed. I'll say "Hey, give me your nose and change directions." The more adamant he gets about going his direction, the more adamant I'm going to get about going my direction. I'll drive him forward, work his neck and start to move faster. I'll say "Horse, you can go faster."  Remember make his moving your idea.  No one wins a fight.

We couldn't get the horse to stand still, but in about ten minutes you can have a horse that wants to stand still. .We work on standing still by telling him to go. Say, "If you want to work on go, then let's go. Let's work on forward. Let's work on softening your neck,changing directions, this really works.

So if your having trouble mounting your horse or getting him to stand after your mounted this is how to get what you want.  Some times you have to think like a horse.

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