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Sorry for being absent!!!

by Karen Tharp on 07/09/11

I want to apologize to everyone, I haven't done a Blog for a couple days.  Brad, Shayne and I went to Kansas Thursday.  We were gone all day, had a wonderful time It's hard riding in a truck and trying to type on a computer.  Yesterday I didn't feel well, feel some better today.

Update on Cheyanne.  I rode her five miles Wednesday evening.  Brad, Shayne and I went riding with the Usry family.  We had a great time. Did some night riding because its been so very hot.  We arrived back home at about 11PM.  

Brad rode Mason, Shayne rode his horse Skip and I rode Cheyanne.  The only time she spooked was when a water buffalo charged the fence.  In her defense even Mason and old pro spooked.  So I was very happy with her. 

Brad and I have decided we are going to deliver her after Bailee and Brylee finish with the fair this year.  We were thinking that if we took her before they would be so excited about her and forget the animals for the fair.

We also don't want to make it harder on Amy their mother.  So the week after the fair we are taking her to them.  We will be bring their horse Sassy back for some training.  I also get to bring Zan's Last Pokey home.  I can't wait.  

I sure hope everyone is having a great weekend and we could use your prayers for some rain.  

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