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Oh Boy

by Karen Tharp on 06/27/11

The day has just started and Brad and I have already met a challenge.  I have talked about Cheyanne in past blogs.  Well her training is coming along pretty good but we have a challenging situation.  We are having a problem getting a bridle on and off her, because she doesn't like her ear touched.

This morning we tried every thing to get her to let us check them for ticks.  We finally tied her head down and I rubbed a mix of grease and garlic in them hoping to solve the touchy ear problem.

We turned her back out.  Ill bring her in later and try again.  If it wasn't for the ear problem she could go to her new home.  Brad and I agree till we solve this ear problem we don't free good about sending her off.  So we'll keep working with her.  

Again feel free to comment maybe some of our readers have some ideas.  If you do please leave a comment.  Or if your having a problem feel free to ask questions. Between Brad and I we have well over fifty years of horse experience.

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