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Literary Agent Search

by Karen Tharp on 06/28/11

Karen is feeling under the weather today so I figured it's a good day for me to write.  As some of you may know Karen has been writing a book about her childhood. For those who don't know, she was raised by people who owned a junkyard.  Karen was allowed to attend school one day a week so she and her siblings could work in the junkyard. Even with only one school day per week Karen had a 4.0 GPA.  Her "so called" parents were mentally and physically abusive.  Karen received many beatings as a child.  I used the term "so called" for a reason. She would learn as an adult these people were not her parents.  In fact she was kidnapped from a hospital in Canada as a baby. To this day, nearing fifty, she still doesn't know who her parents are/were, when her birthday is or anything else regarding her identity.  Basically she lives a life with "Roots Unknown".  All this (and more not mentioned) and she has the most positive attitude of anyone I ever met.  I have been encouraging Karen to write this book ever since we met.  I believe it is a story that needs to be told.  Especially when you see all she has been through and the positive attitude she has.  She is VERY inspiring to say the least.

So with her book outline completed (12 chapters) and 3 chapters written, I have begun the long hard search for a Literary Agent.  Anyone who can offer help and/or advise in finding an agent, please respond in the comment section of this blog.  Thanks in advance and to all a great day.

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