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We are just about done breeding for this year!

by Karen Tharp on 07/02/11

Here at Rising Sun Stables we have been breeding our mares for foals next year.  We are later than usual this year because we moved our herd from Michigan in late March. The mares were just finishing their heat cycle then.  We have bred Lady and Dee but Gracie our Black and white mare hasn't come in, so we are thinking that she was bred in Michigan.

The reason we didn't want to breed the mare then transport them is many times a mare will abort of absorb the baby if they become upset.  We felt that the horses being in a trailer for 25 hours might cause this.  So we waited.  

While in Michigan, we had a young man caring for the herd. Early one morning I received a call saying the stud was out and so were the mares.  When we arrived there, sure enough they were running together.  So I'm thinking Gracie was bred then. Time will tell.

If your wondering how to tell if your mare is in heat this is how! 

The majority of mares stop cycling in mid to late Oct and begin again in about mid March.  Signs of heat include lots more frequent urination with urine being thicker and cloudy looking as well as more strongly smelling (musty).  Many mares will tease to a gelding with squeals, front foot stomping, tail raised and sometimes cocked over to the side, backing up, urinating with many "winks" of her vulva afterward, sometimes even assuming a breeding position (pelvis rocked forward, hind legs spread, a bit of a squat).  Some mares are very quiet about their heat cycles while many, especially around a male horse, are just plain sluts.  Heat cycles are on average, 21 days long from the beginning of signs of heat on cycle to the beginnings signs the next cycle.  Usually symptomatic heat is 4-6 days long with the average being 5. 

The best time to breed is in the center of their heat.   I hope everyone is being careful in this heat.  Remember drink lots of fluids, and keep your head covered.  Have a great day and night!  Check back tomorrow for another blog!!!!!


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