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Training can be tough!

by Karen Tharp on 06/26/11

Well Brad worked with Dee again today!!  Things started out pretty good, and ended pretty good.  Its just what happened in the middle that Brad will be feeling for a couple days.

When mounting Dee for the fourth time today, the fender on his saddle decided to give.  Brad was almost on his spur caught Dee in the hip and she started bucking.  Brad did well and stayed mounted for well past 8 seconds.  To bad Dee didn't know 8 seconds were up!

The fender pulled all the way through the saddle and Brad hit the ground.  For someone thats not real young and limber he tucks and rolls like a pro.  Must be from the years of bull riding.

Dee is fine, Brad is pretty sore.  He made me very proud, he dusted himself off went and got a different saddle.  Saddled her up again and we continued our first ride on Dee and Cheyanne.

My training session with Cheyanne went with out any real problems.  She did great even when Dee was bucking off across the field.  She even did great, when we helped Brad catch Dee.

Just another exciting day at Rising Sun Stables.  Feel free to comment!  We love to know our site is being visited.  Hope everyone has a great day.

Comments (2)

1. Brad said on 6/26/11 - 09:44AM
Eight seconds still seem like an hour. But at 51 I can still ride a Bronc! Can't completely blame this one on Dee Dee.
2. Karen Langworthy said on 6/26/11 - 09:54AM
Aww!! But you did great dear!!! I hope your not too sore to ride later!

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