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Train don't Break

by Karen Tharp on 07/15/11

I know I have talked a lot about training techniques that I use, but I'd like to make plain that horse training tips are much like general opinions; they are something horsemen and woman have no shortage of.  There are so many different techniques and schools of thought-out there, it can be maddening for those who wish to pick up sound advice for training their own horse. 

Which technique is correct?        Which school of thought should I follow? 

The answer is none!

While you can become proficient with a particular training technique, you should try many.  By doing this you will find which of the different techniques fit your training style and incorporate those elements of the different schools that blend well with your own personal skills or preferences.  I don’t feel any two people train exactly the same.  So you should never try.  Be yourself.

Although I do not advocate following horse training tips or techniques belonging to just one trainer or school of thought, I do strongly believe in keeping your focus within one theme.  I believe in using natural horsemanship and non resistant training.  I do every once in a while have a problem with a horse, that causes me to have to do some research.  Always keep in mind when and if you do research if a particular technique goes against your beliefs of gentle horsemanship of creating a bond, then don’t  use it.  You should continue looking till you find an answer you can live with or that you feel comfortable with.

 Brad and I both don’t feel as though we break a horse.  We train, contrary to the belief of some, when preparing a horse for the saddle our goal is not to break the horse’s spirit.  We create a willing and accepting partner; we do not want the horses spirit broke.  Ruling a horse by fear and abusive treatment is not only wrong but it is against the law of nature   it is also very unnecessary as a horse can easily become a willing partner if shown kindness, patients and compassion.

 So remember be kind and above all don’t ever use a train technique that feels wrong.  You should want your horse to be your partner.  It makes the whole experience happier for yourself and your horse.

 Have a great safe weekend and enjoy your horse (if you have one).  

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