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Catching Up!

by Karen Tharp on 07/27/11

For anyone wondering, Cheyanne is coming along great.  We have back off her training a little though.  We think she is pregnant, and getting close.  She was being cared for in Michigan, neither Brad nor I could be there.  A few times the mares broke out and were running with the stallion, so I don't know when she was bred.  Both Grace and Lady gave birth in March and I wondered why she wasn't bred.  Well I guess the answer is that she really is.

Brad and I have decided that we are going to wait till she has her baby to take her to the girls.  She is getting to big and we don't want her or the baby stressed to much.  Cheyanne isn't good at being trailered by herself and she will be very upset.  So we have to wait.  It would be terrible to through her into premature labor.

We are still training her but not putting long hours on her.  She is going to have a beautiful palomino foal.  we don't know if the foal will have white on it or not.  Chances are it will.  To date all paint mares with lots of white, have babies with lots of white.  He has passed his blue eyes on to only one foal, that was Lady's foal Rocky.

We finally received some rain, but could still use some more.  Hope everyone is coping with the heat ok!  Remember lots of fluids for you and your horse.  

Our horses are consuming over twenty gallons each during this heat.  I know that sound unbelievable.  I think because they are from Michigan a cooler state, they are sweating terribly. So Brad and Shayne are keeping their troughs full.  We do have access to a pond but all this heat is drying it up.  A few of the mares have refused to drink from it so we have fresh clean water available.  This seems to be working well.

Check out our music show page, Brad has been working very hard on it.  We attend his sister Leann's 50th birthday party Saturday.  Brad and I provided the Karaoke entertainment.  Brad also sang, I'm so proud of him, he has an amazing voice. The party was great.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

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