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Training is a daily ordeal at RSS.  We believe that each and every time you handle your horse, from a few second pat on the neck to brushing, saddling and going for a ride, your either training or untraining your horse.  No matter how well trained or how old your horse is you should be in training mode when handling any horse.  If I go to the pasture to check mares and or foals, I'm in training mode.

Karen and Brad have a combined total of 60 years training experience. Growing up in Kansas In the early 1960's Brad watched and learned from his father, LeRoy Tharp (the original and TRUE HORSE WHISPERER), the patience and common sense needed to become a good trainer.  Karen grew up in Michigan where she got her background in training from her Grandfather Richard Stadler.  Karen and Brad found that both LeRoy and Richard's training methods were very much the same.  It is this background that makes Brad and Karen such a great horse training team.  

If your needing a trail horse or something more complex such as a competition roping, barrel or reining horse,we can get your pony started in the right direction.  Maybe you just need your horse ready for hard day to day ranch work.  Give us a call.

Unlike most trainers we will also train you, the horse owner, to train your own horse.  We find many people would like to have a hand in their horses training or would like to start training horses themselves.  Our "Owner/Trainer" program helps you train your horse while getting the needed skills to train for others.  After completing this program, we are here for additional future consultation should you need it.

Training Prices are as follows:

30 Days @ $500 plus $125 boarding.

Owner/Trainer Program-- 30 days of 1 hour per day @ $50 per hour plus boarding if needed.

Training Consultation -- $30 per call.
Training time on our 17 year old mare Dee Dee. She is coming along slow.  Mostly due to her age and being very set in her ways.  But she is learning who is in charge.

Changing her to a Bosal with the Martingale made her a new horse. She stops, backs and turns much smoother now.
Riding our other mare, Zans Last Pokey.  We got her from my father, LeRoy Tharp, and he had already started riding this mare.  At 75 years young he had riden Pokey 4-5 times.  She is doing great.  We just need to put some hours on her with some more desensitization.  She is going to be an awesome mare and produce great foals.
Rising Sun Stables offers riding lessons that are a fun experience for you, your kids, or both! We are located in Adair, Oklahoma. We charge $15 per hour for children 16 and under, $20 for adults. Basic western horsemanship and riding lessons are both in one-on-one lessons and through instructional materials. The focus of these lessons is to achieve the Four C's of riding: Comfort, Communication, Control and Confidence. We believe that a rider must first accomplish the basics if they ever want to succeed in the saddle. Safety is a must and only gentle horses are used. Our major goal is to instill confidence in our riders.

We can provide horses and tack or you can bring your own! We do not offer group lessons. We offer lessons in Western, Halter, Basic Riding, Poles, Barrels and many other specialty areas!! We also offer 30 day horse training and more if needed. WE DO NOT BREAK HORSES! We will train your horse or fine tune them in that specialty area. We have a combination of fifty years experience, references available upon request. 
Riding Lessons at Rising Sun Stables